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‚ÄčYour concept is v-e-r-y important to me. Feel free to suggest ANYTHING, even if it's embarrassing. I NEED YOUR FRANK OPINION AND YOUR CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS. And you seem to be the kind of person with the knowledge and maturity for this. Thanks a million."      --Daniel

I would like to thank you for your very supportive call on Saturday November 11th. Your suggestions were both heartening and beneficial. The fact that you took the time to do such a careful and complete review of my script is a rare occurrence in the publishing industry today. I promise you that I will make the most of your advice and believe strongly that the finished product wil be a script you can be enthusiastic in representing."                                                       --Jeff in Colorado

"Appreciated so much our recent phone conversation regarding my manuscript. Knowing how busy agents are with established clients, I felt especially blessed."     --Earnest in Alabama

"Thank you for your critique of my sample chapters. Your comments are clear and concise. I used them as a partial basis for the rewrite I just finished."                            --Patrick in California

"Thank you very much for your critique. It is heart-warming to know there are people such as yourself 'lurking' around. It's funny, you never know when you might encounter someone special, and I believe. You are honest, straight-forward, caring, willing to express your opinions and stand up for them, creative, able to see the gestalt (whole picture and not be sidetracked by incidentals), and you are able to make good contact with people. Nice to meet you."                              --Richard in California

"I enjoyed our conversation the night of August 20th and was encouraged by your knowledge and enthusiasm for what my partner and I have written. You seem like a person who gives one hundred and ten percent on a project, and I look forward to your response to our screenplay, which I believe will be a good solid, entertaining movie."                                                      --Sam in Missouri

"Thank you for your detailed letter about my novel....Your suggestions put the book into an entirely different perspective and opened up a new line of thought. I find your idea for an epilogue especially interesting. Certainly it's more true to life."                                      --Mildred in Massachusetts

"Thank you, thank, you, thank you for your recommendations and suggestions on the first three chapters of my novel....I analyzed what you write and hope I have understood how to profit from your critique."

                                                                                                           -- Nina in New York

"Thank you for your interest in my manuscript....Truly, you d not know what this means to me."   

                                                                                                            --Sharon in Texas

"Thanks very much for your great help."                                          --Wayne in Colorado

"You gave my efforts the most time and attention, so rather than go to the other person or some new agent, I am hoping you will agree to look at the new effort."           --Gerald in Michigan